Who Dat Dish: Weekly Pick’em! (Week 10)

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Nov 4, 2013; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy talks with quarterback Seneca Wallace (9) during the first quarter against the Chicago Bears at Lambeau Field. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Thoughts from Hispandrix

WSH@MIN: I seriously want to pick Adrian Peterson, I mean, the Vikings. However, for the Redskins, one cannot ignore the efforts of their victory at home against the Chargers, and aside that Broncos game, recently they are really looking like an offense again. I honestly think that last minute loss to the Cowboys sent the team into a big downer, and they are just ‘so close’ it seems. The Redskins still have struggles on defense, but when it comes down to the better offense, I’ll give the edge to the Skins.

SEA@ATL: Matt Ryan is playing his worst football in his career, and the Falcons are suffering because of it. Sure, it isn’t all his fault, but even with Roddy White potentially coming back, it doesn’t change the fact or solve for the problems with this team. I’m sure the Seahawks haven’t forgot the sour taste left in their mouth from last year’s divisional matchup. I know the Seahawks are destined to lose a few, but against the Falcons? I don’t see it happening.

DET@CHI: Everyone thought the Lions would be leading the division at this point. Wait, what!? That’s right, the Lions are currently sitting high and mighty atop the NFC North, and now they are tasked with facing the Bears at Solider Field, who just beat the Packers at Lambeau. See? Nothing makes sense these days. Jay Cutler is due back this week, and it was good to see the Bears found some good chemistry with McCown-Marshall, and they figured out Matt Forte can still run the ball. As we’ve also seen, it doesn’t matter who covers Calvin Johnson. He’s called Megatron for a reason. Get ready for meeting number 168 between these two, as it is sure to be highly entertaining. History dictates that the Bears, who are 9-2 against the Lions since 2008, that they should win. However, remember that last game these two played? The Lions won 40-32, and gave Jay Cutler a wild ride. Lions.

PHI@GB: I’m on an island here, but I’m with the Packers. I can’t exactly buy into the hype or awesome outing by Nick Foles. Sure, he may be the starter again, but of all places to really test yourself, Lambeau isn’t one of those I would choose. The Packers have so much at stake, being that they are 5-3 in the NFC North along with the Bears & Lions, who play each other this week. I’m not saying Seneca Wallace is going to be the hero, but I believe the Packers will get help in areas they traditionally don’t get it. Getting a full week of practice in with the first team should help Wallace, and oh yeah, that Clay Mathews guy is coming back.

JAC@TEN: Yeah…I don’t believe I can take the Jaguars this season, until they play like a team, or something that resembles it. The only thing the Jaguars have going for them is the fact that these teams have split each division series since 2009.

STL@IND: I’ll give you the likely scenario here. Zac Stacy barrels for yards, Kellen Clemens loses the game. At least that’s how it’s gone for the past two outings for the Rams. The Colts were almost pronounced dead last week, but battled back against the Texans to pull out an amazing comeback victory, and keep their hold on the division lead. Heading back home, and winners of two huge games, I like them to keep things rolling here.

OAK@NYG: Alright, here’s where we find out what the Giants will bring for the rest of the season. At 2-6, there’s still a chance for them to win the division to sneak into the playoffs. If you know anything about Dallas’ history, that very well could happen. The Giants have to continue putting together some good games, and I love them to have a good beat down of the Raiders, who just gave up 400+ yards & 7 touchdowns to Napoleon Dynamite, aka Nick Foles. Show me something Giants!

BUF@PIT: Here comes EJ Manuel, reportedly back as the starter for the Bills this week. I honestly have one thing to say about this matchup. Dick Lebeau. Look at what happened with Geno Smith. Dick Lebeau has a knack for making rookies play like rookies. Sure, the blowout (or running up of the score) loss to the Patriots stings, but if there’s one thing the Steelers can figure out, it will be how to make the rookie suffer.

CIN@BAL: The Ravens have lost three straight. In fact, they haven’t won a game in over a month (10/6 – Miami). Their biggest problem? The offense. They haven’t cracked over 20 points in 3 outings (18, 16, 17), and Ray Rice is MIA (is his days numbered?). The only thing keeping them in any type of game is their defense. They’re up against a brutal stint of games: Bengals, @Bears, Jets, Steelers. If they’re going to want to have any type of chance of getting back into the postseason, they will have to fire on all cylinders. I don’t see it happening. The Bengals are the best team in the AFC North.

CAR@SF: I put some serious thought into picking the Panthers, but then I remembered the 49ers have had two weeks to prepare for Cam Newton. Both of these teams are trying to stay in the race for their respective divisions, and honestly, this game has a good bit of meaning for all NFC Wild Card hopefuls. I like the 49ers, who’ve been winners of their last 5.

HOU@ARI: I really find this a tough one to pick. The Cardinals are fresh off of a bye week, and have ample time to figure out this ‘Case Keenum’ character. Plus, they’re hard to play at home (3-1 record). However, with everything that went on with Gary Kubiak, and the fact that Case Keenum is looking really good, I think the Texans finally break their losing streak. Again, I could be completely wrong, and the Cardinals defense makes the Texans offense look like poo.

DEN@SD: I’m most interested in seeing how the Broncos play without the services of John Fox. Picking against the Chargers at home has tended to be a death trap for me personally.

DAL@NO: Yeah, I ‘m not disclosing that information, look for the Keys to the Game article.

MIA@TB: Man, Monday Night Football is seriously hit or miss. Last week was such a nice matchup between Josh McCown & Seneca Wallace, and I mean that. Who would have thought that would have been as close of a game as that? As for this one? Wow. The Bucs, what can you say? They finally had a shimmer of hope, and then it was all just snatched away, like a bully taking a kid’s ice cream. All the Dolphins did was earn an upset victory over the Bengals at home last week. They’ve had ample time to prepare, aside from all of the other drama going on in their organization. I see them as heavy favorites.

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