Who Dat Dish: Weekly Pick’em! (Week 10)

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Welcome back to our weekly pick’em! The Who Dat Dish Staff got together, and started a Weekly Pick’em! Sure, we love covering the Saints, but why not give our two pennies on other matchups?

In case you missed last week’s picks, click here.

We’re officially past the mid-point of the NFL season this week. We really have some lackluster matchups going in Week 10, and when you look at it, you’ll see what I mean. It is either one-sided, or extremely downright ugly. I mean seriously, are you really excited about watching some of these games? At least we’re back to some normalcy in terms of teams on the bye (Kansas City, New England, Cleveland, NY Jets).

As for the pick’em race? Holy first down marker Batman! This is MUCH closer now. WE HAVE A NEW #1! Kudos to Mark, who went 8-5, and stole the top spot from MacGyver. Overall, last week in pick’em was fairly rough, but kudos to Corey for being the only one to pick the Redskins & Bears. Witchcraft or Voodoo?

1 – Mark (89-44, 67%)

T-2 – MacGyver (88-45, 66%) -1

T-2 – Frederico (88-45, 66%) -1

4 – Ian (86-47, 65%) -3

5 – John (82-51, 62%) -7

6 – Corey (80-53, 60%) -9

7 – Chris (75-58, 56%) -14

Be sure to continue on for staff analysis!

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