Game 6 Rapid Reaction: Saints vs. Patriots

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Oct 13, 2013; Foxborough, MA, USA; New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan and free safety Malcolm Jenkins (27) exchange words during the first half of a game against the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

Patriots 30, Saints 27

Saints Done In By Miscues, and Last Minute Drive, Fall to 5-1

I absolutely hate writing about losses. However, I did it 9 times last season on my other site, and you have to just roll with the punches. This game was frustrating in just about every way possible. Most all, it just stung. I’d almost rather get blown out by a truckload of points than lose like this.

The New Orleans Saints suffered their first loss of the season at the hands of a last second Tom Brady to Kenbrell Thompkins 17-yard touchdown. I pointed out a lot of things on my Keys to the Game segment. Mainly, I stated Rob Ryan was going to be the difference in this game. At the end of it all, Ryan goes to 1-3 against Tom Brady (Cowboys, Raiders, Saints).

Here’s a few quick stats from today’s game:

Quick Box Score Stats

Total First Downs: New Orleans 20, New England 26

Third Down Efficiency: New Orleans (34% – 5/14), New Orleans (33% – 5/15)

Total Net Yards: New Orleans (361), New England (376)

Sacks: New Orleans (5), New England (1)

Turnovers: New Orleans (2), New England (1)

Time of Possession: New Orleans (28:09), New England (31:51)

Continue on for some key points in today’s game

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  • Real Saints Fan in Cali?whuut?

    You forgot to mention the devastating hits by Raphael Bush… He keeps this level of play up, I might start wearing my 25 Jersey again!!!!!

    • John Hendrix

      Bush has been playing extremely well, whether is be a filler on the defense or special teams. His big hit was something fierce.

  • Shane Burroughs

    I beg to differ with everyone who keeps criticizing Rob Ryan and the defense. Twice in the last 3 minutes of the game THE DEFENSE stopped Tom Brady and his offense, once on 4 downs, the 2nd by interception. A good head coach DOES NOT give Tom Brady 3 chances at closing out a game with a win … BUT Sean Payton did !!! I blame Sean Payton who is the offensive genius/mastermind of the Saints, for his lack of calling the right plays to put his team another W in the win column. How many times have we seen a coach/team go conservative in their play calling in the last few minutes of a game …. then lose the game because of NOT sticking with their offensive style of playing …. and the defense get the blame !!! Step up Sean Payton, accept the blame, get everybody off of Rob Ryan’s and the defenses back !!! There are just certain QB’s you DO NOT, I repeat you DO NOT give more than one chance to beat you in the last 3 to 4 minutes of a game …. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Eli Manning (especially if it is a Super Bowl), Drew Breeze, are just a few examples. Again, I say man up Sean Payton, accept responsibility for this loss, YOU own this one NOT Rob Ryan and his defense !!!

    • John Hendrix

      Rob Ryan can’t be blamed for this loss, and if you hear a lot of the chatter, the players are talking and saying it’s a TEAM loss. The offensive play selection wasn’t good yesterday. The run was working, why would we stop? Anytime Brees is less than 50% (honestly 60%) in completion percentage, there’s a BIG problem.

      Sproles was targeted 12 times (6 receptions), Graham was targeted 6 times (0 receptions)

  • Pridenpoise

    One of the worst examples of how not to manage a clock. Payton this one is on YOU. not a fan but the saints cost me money today.

    • John Hendrix

      Definitely a miss on the clock management. I don’t know what they were thinking on the 3rd down scramble with Brees. Like I said before, the punt out of bounds should never have happened either.

  • bk

    It is so funny to hear you whine about calls, every rules change in the last 10 years have been to help QB’s like Brees, Manning, and Brady.. WIthout those rules changes and the FACT that all 3 of these teams get away with more holding than all other teams combined makes your whine even more pathetic. Let any of the 3 aforementioned wimps play in the 70′s and they would have been taken out in a bodybag.

    • John Hendrix

      I’m sorry, so you’re saying that the missed holding on the final play of the game, missed neutral zone infraction, missed incomplete pass on the final drive, missed signal for a timeout (which was clear as day, and SHOULD have been a delay of game if anything), and questionable helmet hit by Malcolm Jenkins, are all penalties that benefit the QB? I fail to see your point.

  • Rod

    the one play that killed me was the failure to call that neutral zone infraction and calling the false start instead…that was PURE homecooking…I know Kraft and Goodell are boys but SHEESH…either way…gotta give my hat to Tom Brady for making that throw on a jabari greer that after playing a great game completely forgot college 101 level defense of a corner fade route on an outside receiver…poor leverage, poor awareness…gotta do better…

    • John Hendrix

      Honestly what’s done is done, just the like the players. 24 hour rule. It sucks, and yes it was terrible, but gotta build a bridge and move on, the team is still 5-1, still tops in the NFC, and way ahead of everyone else in the NFC South. I’d hate to be the Bills.

  • Wallace Ordoyne

    I agree, Sean Payton’s play calling was lacking the entire game, especially the last 3 minutes. It was just extraordinarily bad. Two possessions in 3 minutes and can’t get a first down or kill the clock, really pathetic….Pridenpoise called this one correctly, this one is on you Sean Payton………

    • John Hendrix

      I honestly don’t understand why Ben Watson or Pierre Thomas wasn’t someone targeted in that mix. Watson had already played well, and PT was almost non-existent in the passing game.

  • Wallace Ordoyne

    The officiating was extremely bad also. The play where Jimmy Graham was trying to catch the ball with one hand because Taqib was holding onto his other arm and the play Malcom Jenkins was flagged for helmet to helmet were just terrible calls. Of course you can’t blame officiating for a loss because it usually evens out, but the Saints definitely got the worst of it today……………….

    • John Hendrix

      You’re absolutely right Wallace, like I said. Build a bridge and move on. It stings. But what’s done is done, and there’s no changing it. I just don’t understand how everyone acts like the team is 1-5 instead of 5-1. I especially love how other people were talking smack, when their team isn’t even in the ballpark ha.

  • Paul V. Suffriti

    The Pats had a good game plan by taking Graham out with blanket coverage and making Brees look for other receivers……Saints made a couple of adjustments in the second half, but without Graham the offense had less success.