Who Dat Dish: Weekly Pick’em! (Week 5)

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Sep 29, 2013; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice (27) runs against the Buffalo Bills during the first half at Ralph Wilson Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

Thoughts from Ian

Browns over Bills

These are two teams I just can’t figure out. They both leave everything out on the field and play until the final whistle. Quarterback Brian Hoyer is a surprisingly excellent passer and Jordan Cameron and Josh Gordon are becoming proven threats in this league. The Bills entire 2013 resume thus far has been made on close wins and losses. Spiller and Jackson are a bit banged up coming in and Manuel is still growing as a passer. I’m siding with Cleveland in this one.

Saints over Bears

So I kind of wrote this article about how the Saints will be undefeated by their bye week (mind linking my article here?) so this pick should be pretty obvious. Quarterback Jay Cutler turns the ball over at least twice a week and the Saints defense will be coming after him. I truly believe the Saints defense will finally get a pick six in this game. Bears will make this a game since they have weapons on both sides of the field. Brees will overcome this Bears defense for another win.

Bengals over Patriots

Seriously? The Patriots are still undefeated? The Bengals loss to the Browns this week goes to show you how much the Browns have improved more than how bad the Bengals are. Red Dalton had a bad week, but the Bengals have the weapons to break through the Patriots defense. Brady is still developing a rapport with these young receivers (the emphasis being on “developing”). Cincy pulls out the win here.

Packers over Lions

I really wanted to go with Detroit here because I like what they have been doing for the last couple of weeks. Here’s why I’m choosing Green Bay. This is not the way the Packers wanted to start the year. Embarrassed by the Broncos, upset by the Bengals, and the quarterback and head coach arguing on the sideline? This bye week came at the right time for them and they will be extremely focused, extremely motivated, and extremely dangerous. Rodgers and McCarthy will get the offense and season back on track this week.

Seahawks over Colts

I know the Colts worked a miracle against the 49ers and Seattle looked befuddled when they went to Carolina at the beginning of the season. I have to think that Seattle has worked that out and can take their show on the road though. If the Colts can make Seattle one-dimensional like the Texans did last week they have a shot at stealing this game. My gut says that Seattle comes away with the win.

Ravens over Dolphins

Are the Dolphins who we thought they were? After being thoroughly beat by the Saints on Monday Night Football, expect the Ravens to pound the Dolphins this week. They have Rice and Pierce who are really starting to become a dynamic duo, Torrey Smith and Joe Flacco are finally connecting, and the defense can withstand whatever the Dolphins throw at them.

Giants over Philadelphia

Remember when this game would have been an exciting match-up? Instead both of these teams have struggled mightily this season. I expect some big plays from both of these teams and the Giants ultimately coming up with the win, because Philly’s defense is allowing so many yards this season. Something about the Eagles just doesn’t give me alot of confidence in them this season.

Rams over Jaguars

I’m not quite sure what you expected to read here but… yeah the Rams are going to win this game. I’d like to say that Justin Blackmon will make a difference here but I’m not sure that he will. I wish they would just pick up Tim Tebow to at least make this paragraph (and their season) a little bit more interesting.

Chiefs over Titans

Unless the Titans can make some big strides in their passing game, I don’t see them coming out with the win here. Chris Johnson will get his runs in but you can’t expect him to win games for you. Alex Smith and Andy Reid are a great combination and Jamaal Charles will help seal the deal.

Panthers over Cardinals

The Panthers have a great defense and they are going to give Carson Palmer fits this Sunday. I’m not sure if Cam Newton gets back on track, but if they can feed the ball to DeAngelo Williams they can at least open up some passing lanes to give him a shot. Still if the defense can keep Arizona to field goals they stand a great chance of winning this game.

Broncos over Cowboys

So I’m talking to one of my fantasy football friends and he shocks me by suggesting that the Dallas Cowboys are going to upset the Denver Broncos. I entertained the thought in my head for about an hour but came to the conclusion that the Moon has a better chance of falling into the Earth than the Cowboys winning this game. Firstly, Denver has to make a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes then Dallas has to play flawless football, which is uncharacteristic for them. Maybe the Cowboys give them a run for their money, but I’m all in on the Broncos.

49ers over Texans

Last week, the Texans showed us (to my chagrin) that they cannot finish games. San Francisco on the other hand, is capable of starting fast, dominating a team, and finishing strong. Seattle and Houston are very similar teams in terms of being balanced. Expect the 49ers to start a bit slow but eventually dominate the Texans for the win.

Chargers over Raiders

I’m a big believer in this Phillip Rivers resurgence. Antonio Gates is finally healthy and while he’ll never be that top tight end that he was again, he is a big threat in the passing game. Despite having alot of his big time receivers hurt they still have a Top 10 passing offense. The Raiders are waffling on quarterbacks and will have to rely on Rashad Jennings in the running game.

Falcons over Jets

I took the Falcons last week against the Patriots because I actually thought they were good enough to beat them. This team’s ability to choke in big situations never ceases to amaze me. Although it is Monday Night Football, the stage shouldn’t be too big for them to falter against the Jets. Then again, I’ve been proven wrong before.

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