Cornerback Elbert Mack could have a future with the New Orleans Saints

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With Corey White on IR, Mack has seen increased playing time in the nickle spot and when Greer went out last Sunday with a concussion, played opposite starting right cornerback Patrick Robinson.

When asked about Mack, Vitt had this to say in today’s press conference,

“I think he has really defined himself as a real good slot corner for us in the nickel. He plays with good anticipation, has quick twitch, can make plays on the ball, and so I think his growth has been really good this year.”

“I’ll tell you what, he takes playing very seriously. He takes his role very seriously. I think like any good professional, he knows who he is and what he has to do to prepare himself to play a game. (He is) a guy that you can build around. He knows what he can do, we know what he can do, so he’s become dependable in that way.”

Mack is scheduled to be a free agent after signing a one-year, $700,000 contract free agent contract.  If he excels this Sunday against the Panthers and continues to catch the coaching staff’s eye then Mack could secure a spot going into training camp and into next season.


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