August 12, 2011; New Orleans, LA, USA; New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams during the first half of a preseason game against the San Francisco 49ers at the Louisiana Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Gregg Williams gets permission to attend NFL games; why changed so sudden?

In a Twitter post almost twenty minutes ago, Adam Schefter tweeted that former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams has been given a major privilege regarding his indefinite suspension from the bounty investigations.

Schefter is reporting that Williams has been given permission to attend NFL games from the league, or more accurately NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.  Schefter said that this is “something he is expected to do for the first time since his suspension today, when the Rams host the Seahawks.”

Part of the suspensions for Williams as well as Saints head coach Sean Payton, linebackers coach Joe Vitt, and general manger Mickey Loomis is that they are not allowed to have any contact with their respective clubs or to attend any games in the NFL.

Saints fans will likely go crazy with this announcement considering that they feel the suspensions were unfair to begin with.  Payton was allowed to attend the Saints preseason Hall of Fame induction ceremony in August, but not their game against the Arizona Cardinals.

Why the sudden change in the heart of Goodell in the matter is somewhat puzzling, conspiracy theorists will like jump on one factor that is not so far fetched or improbable.

Williams just recently signed a declaration stating that linebacker Jonathan Vilma did indeed offer a $10,000 bounty on former NFL quarterback Brett Farve.  Vilma claims that Williams was forced or “bullied” into signing the declaration by the league in order to be reinstated to continue coaching in the future.

While that is possible, this now could also be a concession given to Williams for his cooperation in helping the NFL maintain the “integrity” of the game.  While no details have been given yet on why he is being allowed to attend NFL games, the dots don’t seem to be that hard to connect.


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  • Larry James

    NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is wrong for this, but some people’s think he is good for the NFL. He is drawing a picture here that he don’t give a damn about the New Orleans Saints. This was Roger Goodell intentions to hurt the city of New Orleans and the Saints. Go on Roger Goodell dig that hole for yourself because your day are coming just in a matter of time. Gregg William need to stop selling himself on the market for Roger Goodell, Gregg William you are lower than dirt letting Roger Goodell stand you on a street corner. What you did for Roger Goodell to grant you permission to attend and NFL game wish was one of Roger Goodell rules, Goodell is a liar and a cheater.

  • MikeMiC

    yall see this garbage. sign the paper saying Vilma did it and we’ll let u go to the games. why Sean Peyton can’t go to the games ? Goodell wrong for this. i might he got something aginst Sean Peyton. #GoSaints #freeSeanPeyton

  • Mamajeaux

    If Goodell let the scumbag Williams attend a game, why can’t our Coach Peyton?
    This punishment was way too much. Goodell wants to destroy the Saints. No one person should have the power that one man has. It should be a committee of owners and 3rd parties.

  • Richard Waller

    This should wake up the NFL owners. Ida Amin Goodall has all but proven that the punishments handed down were personal and had nothing to do with facts. Williams sold his reputation to Goodall in attepmt to get a job. Sean Payton should NEVER have been punished and neither should Vilma. Wake up owners and FIRE GOODALL.

  • Theresa Vance Fessler

    Just called the commish’s office, 2124502027. Was put on hold, then the receptionist, came back with a statement that Williams was asked to attend the game with a friend. He was given permission for this one game only and other games would be considered on a case by case basis. Their only comment on the different approach taken with Payton was that Williams isn’t employed by a team. I find that fun that he intends to go to a rams game though. I told them they have destroyed the game and didn’t seem to care about the fans that the punishment has been unfair.

  • Helene Eteeyan

    Would appear that the Commish is paying Williams for his coorperation and providing an avadavit against the Saints. Williams is scum but I guess it’s like the old saying about being know by the company you keep…Goodell…”unbiased”?…hardly. This is what I’d call a “pay for performance” if every there was one!

  • RumDunnitt

    Hey Gene, don’t you think that it’s funny that greg’s son, lil Blakey Williams’ has never come up during all this so called “bounty-gate” BS???

  • Maggie White

    This makes me so angry. So Williams gets rewarded for tattling on Vilma and Sean Peyton is still out for the year..Someone explain to me why this is ok??

  • DrunkWino

    He steps foot in New Orleans, put Goodell in a casket.

  • Edna Li

    what????? then we need Sean Payton to attend our games WHODAT