Dubious officiating aids in New Orleans Saints second preseason loss

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Third string quarterback Jordan Palmer lobbed a hail-mary pass down the field, after good pressure from the Saints defensive line, that fell incomplete.

The pass was in the vicinity of backup Jaguar tight end Matt Veldman, but it was high and more than ten yards ahead of him up the field, or better known as uncatchable.

It looked like the Saints defense had once again stopped the Jaguars until a delayed flag for pass interference against backup safety Jose Gumbs was thrown.

Gumbs was making a play on the overthrown ball, and the call once again breathed life into the Jaguars offense.

Just a few plays later on third and four backup Saints cornerback Cord Parks was called for pass interference, which advanced the Jaguars 20 more yards.

Between the two pass interference calls, the Jaguars were given 51 yards of offense down the field.

From there Jordan Palmer was able to find receiver Kevin Elliot for the winning touchdown pass on fourth and eleven with only 18 seconds left.

There is at least two things that we can take away from this game.

The replacement officials are bad, there can be no more sugar coating this fact, and the Saints defense is clearly still a work in progress.

Drew Brees said he was worried about the replacement’s and their negative impact on the game. Those fears were validated last night.

Fans can now temper their expectations that the Saints defense will come out and dominate week one of the regular season.

Sure, their strong showing in the first two preseason games was no fluke, but this isn’t a great defensve just yet.

Spagnuolo will continue to whip the unit into shape, and one can only hope the NFL and the NFLRA are able to reach an agreement and re-install the permanent officials.

And we thought Ed Hochuli was bad. Oh Ed, how we miss you.

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