New Orleans Saints WR Courtney Roby impressive in preseason

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After spending several seasons in New Orleans, the team in general and quarterback Drew Brees in particular, know that Roby’s skills extend past what he can do for the offense.

“He’s just a good football player. He’ll do whatever you ask him to do.. He’s a versatile player and not only as a return man but you can put him at gunner and he is the first guy down there to make a tackle.”

– quarterback Drew Brees on Courtney Roby’s impact on the team

With such a varied skill set, you would think that Roby would be confident in his position with the team.

He is extremely humble and while he would like to see more time at wide receiver he just wants to do whatever his coaches ask of him.


“I just take everything in stride; just try to go out there and try to improve everyday.”

– Courtney Roby


Talent may make great teams; but attitude’s like Roby’s make champions.

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