Is New Orleans Saints running back Chris Ivory sliding down the depth chart?

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After last night’s game against the New England Patriots, Ivory has a total of 17 rushing attempts for 30 yards and one reception for 15 yards.  Cadet has 15 rushing attempts for 23 yards and 14 receptions for 109 yards with 1 touchdown.

During the Arizona Cardinals game, Ivory had a miscommunication on a play which led to Cadet coming in to replace him on the very next play.  Ivory was shown on the sidelines frustrated.

The Saints still have three preseason games left for evaluations and Ivory’s position is still secure for now.  In fact he has shown a conscious effort during the offseason to prepare himself better for the rigors of an NFL season like proper treatment, hydration, etc.

It’s also possible that Ivory is just simply having a patch of bad luck and can eventually shake the funk he’s in right now.  He just needs to recover quickly otherwise Cadet could be working his way up the ladder straight to him.


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