New Orleans Saints had quality pratices with New England Patriots; showed class

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On a darker note, they also know the heat of being under a media microscope from offseason turmoils.  The Patriots with the infamous “Spy-Gate scandal and the Saints with the recent bounty investigation.

The past two practices the Saints have had on Tuesday and today are are probably going to be some of the best quality ones that they will get when preparing for another team.

If you prepare to face the best, then you will perform in the same way.  It’s a philosophy that the military and law enforcement live by which they call, “You will fight like you train”.

If anyone, the Saints defense has benefited the most from these practices.  With a new defensive coordinator and thought process in Steve Spagnuolo, it showed the unit where they will need to improve.

In the closing moments of practice, the Patriots extended some Southern hospitality to the Saints by having “When The Saints Go Marching In” played on the speakers giving a classy nod to their visitors.

While the Saints won’t face the Patriots during the regular season, they will go head to head in a preseason match-up scheduled for tomorrow night at 7:30 p.m. ET.



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