New Orleans Saints Drew Brees says Roger Goodell "got this one wrong"

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When asked if he trusts Goodell, Brees repeated the question, took a second and told Faulk that he feels that Goodell has done a lot of great things for the NFL.

Then Brees said that,

It just happens to be that in this instance, with the bounty, I think that umm..the league and he(Goodell) have gotten this one wrong.

Brees once again harped on the matter concerning the alleged evidence in the matter which he says the Saints have been told exists, yet nothing concrete has been presented to them.

He elaborated on the trust factor saying the players and coaches were brought in on “false pretenses” and then all of a sudden that is when stories were leaked to the media causing the Bounty-Gate maelstrom.

Speaking on the evidence, Brees stated that some of the testimony and evidence have been proven untrue, yet it was too late to undo the damage done because “the perception has been created” by the media.

Brees got noticeably agitated when asked if the appeals process that the players are now saying is unfair was an oversight or afterthought in signing the new Collective Bargaining Agreement(CBA).

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  • Joe Petitjean

    Why would Goodell want to cut Jonathan Vilma from 16 to 8 games. simple Hitler has no case against him..

    • louisianakid1954

      Joe Petitjean; this whole issue is a mess we don’t know who lying are who telling the truth. I think the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell didn’t handle the case right. Present all the evidences before the coaches and players before making a ruling. Drew Brees has his own feeling on the issue because this was one the harshest suspensions in the NFL history. Making ruling where a person can’t communicate with his team nor attend the games this is to much power. Anytime Saints owner Mr. Tom Benson disagree with Goodell calling you know there is a big issue. I don’t think this is near about over if Roger Goodell don’t look out he may not have a job.

  • Maggie Guidry

    He certainly is wrong, that why my dad calls him Dictator Goodell.