Who's in favor of American football featured in the Summer Olympics?

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Jul 24, 2012; London, UK; A general view of the Olympic rings logo hanging from the roof of St. Pancras International Train Station 3 days before the start of the 2012 London Olympic Games. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports via US PRESSWIRE


Let me roughly set the scene:


The date is August 8, 1932. American football is a hit in the Summer Olympics. Cal State, Stanford, and USC are matched against the East Coast “Big 3″ including Harvard, Yale, and Princeton. There are close to 60,000 screaming spectators. American football is widely spread in popularity after WWII.


Summer 2012

Lots of questions have arisen lately questioning why American football isn’t featured in the Summer Olympics. An even better question is why should the NBA have all the fun with it’s “Dream Team”, when surely inside and outside of the NFL there could exist a football “Dream Team.”

It’s almost shocking to consider that there exists over 23 million amateur athletes not including the athletes in the NFL and AFL.

64 countries are associated with the IFAF, the International Federation of American Football. There has been an abundant growth in every continent, with Europe being the highest at 33 leagues and growing.

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  • Luke

    ANNOUNCER @ 2032 Olympics: “And for the third straight Olympic games, Canada and The United States will compete for the Gold medal with America the heavy favorite…”

    There may be other leagues, but right now they just wouldn’t be competitive. It would force other countries to be competitive eventually (like in basketball) but it would take some time.

  • Dave

    it doesnt help that american football is kinda boring, it takes 3-6 hours to play a 60 minute game, you take a teabreak every few seconds to have a committee meeting, it just ruins the gameplay.
    Rugby would be a far better choice for an olympic sport, as it is more widely played, and a lot more fun to watch. There, play only stops for a penalty, score or if the ball goes out of bounds.