New Orleans Saints linebacker Scott Shanle engages 49ers fans on Twitter

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Shanle quickly gave a response with this Twitter post:

Donte Whitner: Good defenses don’t need bounties. Guy needs to shut his mouth and mind his own business. Don’t remember them winning the superbowl. U still ringless. We got one and working on two now. Try to keep up.

He then of course drew the ire of 49ers fans who then engaged Shanle for a brief time with one fan @ericloera tweeting:

WTF Scott…first off we got 5 i don’t know what the (expletive) your talking about….so keep up sucka..scrub

Shanle simply responded:

this century?

More tweets followed between Shanle and the 49ers fans with the linebacker posting a picture of himself posing with the Vince Lombardi Super Bowl trophy.

The most obvious gauntlet thrown was when @NinerNiral tweeted to Shanle:

Your precious ring has an asterisk by it because of the bounty scandal. You guys put cheap shots on Favre all game long.

Shanle responded with a simple:

no it doesn’t see no asterisk!

That tweet was accompanied by a picture of what is assumed to be Shanle’s hand wearing his Super Bowl ring on his middle finger with the middle finger extended in the well known “Happy Motoring” sign.  (Click here to see pic).

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    I will fight Whitner NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I hate the damn 49ers almost more than I hate the Falcons. Or Panthers. Or Suckaneers.
    I’ve got Shanle’s back 100% on this one.
    And I’m serious.

  • louisianakid1954

    Most of you 49er’s fans were to young to remember when the 49er’s won a Super Bowl its been years. So you girls lay-off my team like he said catch up because you girls did all that running in 2011 and still let the New York Giants just run over you girls. You girls not half as good as we are, talking about you girls defend what happened when you girls face the Giants look like to me you girls were helpless. After last season what we seen in you girls against the Giants you girls not Super Bowl material so don’t fool yourselves get out of our way we has a job to do this is 2012 as soon as 2013 pop-up you girls will watch us in our own Super Dome bring home the Super Bowl Championship.

  • NorthBay415

    yall AINT fans need to stop acting like you won 5 five IN A ROW, your sorry ass AINT organization needs to keep up. because we’re shooting for 6-0, dont forget you aint fans are one known for having the most loses in a NFL season =(. OH and who shut your sorry ass bounty program up LOL WE HIT HARD FOR FREE BOY.

  • Rob

    Funny how easily you Saint losers forget that we beat that a$$ for free and we’ll do it again and again and again and… you get the picture LOL