New Orleans Saints Cameron Jordan finally rounding into form

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Though Steve was a tight end, and tried to sway Cam in that direction, he has supported his son with all the encouragement anyone could hope for.  Shortly after the draft, Cam was quoted saying, “When I got drafted, it was like he got drafted again.

He was even more excited than I was.  He was so happy to see me get to the next level.”

Cam is certainly at that ‘next level.’  Taking his career to the heights of former Saints defensive greats will be no easy task, but Jordan certainly has the pedigree to succeed.

I predict a breakout season for the second-year pro, hoping that he puts the disappointing rookie campaign behind him to become a bright spot in his second season.  Call me crazy, but I certainly don’t think that 10+ sacks is out of the question.

While I’m certainly biased and may be overly optimistic, only time will tell.  It’s difficult to believe that Cam will slip into relative obscurity after knowing how solid the production of his father’s career turned out to be.


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