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Dallas Cowboys Dodge Bullet In Superbowl Seating Lawsuit

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The judge had one odd point to make:

“The NFL had nothing to gain by tricking fans into purchasing tickets that it did not plan on having available.”

Really? The judge must have thought Super Bowl tickets run for about $25 bucks a pop. No, we’re talking millions of dollars here.

Lynn ruled the plaintiffs’ fraudulent inducement claim about the uncompleted seats was “not plausible.”

Really? I wonder how the judge would feel if she sent the car rental agency $4,000 in advance to rent a Lincoln Navigator for her vacation and they presented her later with a Yugo?

In closing why did I say that Jerry Jones still may have to pull his checkbook out? Because if the NFL loses their case the other 31 NFL owners are going to be knocking at Jerry’s lawyer’s door demanding their money back.

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