New Orleans Saints Jonathan Vilma's battle with Roger Goodell coming to a nasty close

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The NFL issued a grievance to Vilma demanding that he drop his lawsuit with Ginsberg saying the grievance is “improper”.  This term was used frequently by the NFL concerning Vilma’s appeal and is a sort of “wink wink” directed at them.

Ginsberg went on to state that the lawsuit is not directed towards the NFL , but at Goodell for “his false and irresponsible public accusations and allegations against Mr. Vilma apart from any conduct as commissioner”.

Vilma and the other suspended players plan on filing a temporary restraining order to be able to continue working with their teams but that doesn’t look like it will be a worthwhile cause.

The end of this battle between Vilma and Goodell will be one that will leave a lasting impression to the beginning of a new football season.  To quote a recent Twitter update by Vilma, this is something everybody “no likey”.

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