Proof that "kill the head" has been in use with the NFL before Gregg Williams' speech

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The year was 2008 and was showing several rookies draft experience and their entry into the NFL.  It was defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey’s journey after being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs that caught my eye.

Going into one of the defensive line meeting rooms with the Chiefs, you can clearly see a phrase posted in huge letters, “KILL THE HEAD & THE BODY WILL DIE”.  I had to rewind it several times to be sure, but there it was.

It only further cements the fact that players, coaches, and owners who came out blasting Gregg Williams and the New Orleans Saints to subscribing to such a mindset were only fooling the public, themselves, and trying to curry favor with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Williams simply was regurgitating a common phrase that is not only used in football, but in other circles as well.  The thought that he invented it or was the only one to use it is straight ludicrous.

Does the game need to focus on player safety?  Can things be done to change certain philosophies?  Sure they can.  But let’s not all take a bite out of a nice juicy steak for so many years and then act surprised like we don’t know how it got on the plate either.

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