NFL rookies should listen carefully to former wide receiver Michael Irvin

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He hounded on the point that “sometimes our gifts can take us in a place that our person is not prepared to go”.  Explaining that those that come from backgrounds like himself can easily get wrapped up in their old lifestyles and listen to people who aren’t their friends.

Irvin said with earnest that when he entered the NFL in 1988, that there was no rookie symposium that they were required to attend like they have to now.  He exclaimed shaking his head that he wished there was at the time so someone could have given him advice.

He shouted at the rookies, “250 spots, 70,000 people wanted them and you got them!”  This hammering home that there are people who are jealous and resentful of their success and will maliciously try to bring them down.

Other speakers were at the symposium as well such as fallen cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones who told the tale of spending $1 million dollars in one weekend.  Quite depressing since that would take some of us almost our whole career to make that money…in gross mind you.

Irvin’s speech though seemed to be the most inspiring  and heart-felt.  The key to it though is that the rookie players actually listen to it though.  Sadly, some probably needed it sooner than now.


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