Is Roger Goodell on the wrong injury trail?

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We instinctively know our guys are not out to injure other players because we intently watch them play each snap, each week.

If we were the NFL Commissioner and injuries are our concern, we would have looked at teams who actually injured players and try to determine what is happening on the field and how to mitigate it.

If injury is the issue, let’s look at the teams causing injuries as well as grade A penalties.
To make my point, I will take you through the 2011 season with a team Who Dats luv to hate.

This team made the research fun and easy as well as 16-game manageable. Below are the injuries caused by and the grade A penalties associated with the San Francisco 49ers.

The San Francisco 49ers:
• Week 1 – Seattle at San Francisco
o 2 Personal fouls – Running into Kicker – Tavares Gooden
o Unnecessary Roughness – Ricky Jean Francois
o Unnecessary Roughness – Madieu Williams
o Unnecessary Roughness – Shawntae Spencer
o Roughing the Passer – Ahmad Brooks

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  • larryjames836

    This is what its going to take to get this mess cleared up NFL commissioner Roger Goodell must show some solid evidences before this problem can move on which is right. And I’m glad they are taking it to a courtroom if not this can go on for ever know one in they right mind want to get suspended for a whole year without pay and don’t understand what they are being suspended for but on hearsay. So its best for a real courtroom and a outside judge can find the truth because the NFL commissioner are going to stand on whatever mess he got himself into if its not the truth the old saying said what goes around comes back around but even worse. I’m looking forward to all this mess to come to and end the truth is somewhere just has to be found not within the league all birds of a feather flys together so yes take it to a outside courtroom for the truth where everything must come together in one. GOOD LUCK PLAYERS you guys stood up against Goodell now he knows there’s someone that don’t care who you bring some solid evidences not hearsay that’s not going to get in a real court.