Newly added New Orleans Saints linebacker Robinson could play defensive end if needed

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Current New Orleans Saints linebacker Donavan Robinson goes in for a sack while at Jackson State(Photo courtesy of

Who Dat Dish writer Keith Null recently did an article giving some pause to the acquisition of rookie linebacker Donavan Robinson after the release of injured defensive end Greg Romeus by the New Orleans Saints since they are linebacker heavy right now. Yet Robinson could be possibly molded into a defensive end.

The idea is not that far fetched either.  Observe current Saints linebacker Martez Wilson and his recent transformation to a fast twitch defensive end.

It was something that when I saw Wilson last season, he looked like one of the coveted hybrid linebacker/defensive end players that were becoming so popular.

Wilson’s wingspan and speed even allowed him to sack Carolina Panthers elusive quarterback Cam Newton last season which tied him with the number of sacks of teammate and 2011 first round pick, defensive end Cameron Jordan.

I even commented after that play that if the Saints didn’t at least try Wilson out on the defensive line next season, then his talents were being foolishly wasted.

Well here we are at the height of the offseason and luckily the Saints defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo has seen how valuable Wilson can be at the end position.  Of course, Donavan Robinson could fall into that category as well.

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