New Orleans Saints coach Joe Vitt "outraged" and ready to take the fight to Goodell

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Schefter is reporting that Vitt phoned Goodell this morning denying that he ever offered any “bounty” money and that the accusations in the evidence are untrue.

Also according to Schefter, Vitt says he will take a lie-detector test or sign a sworn affidavit to prove his innocence.  Vitt is reported to be “outraged” and with good reason.

In any other situation, Goodell would find himself deep in the civil suit hurt locker.  You can’t just go blindly publishing things that have no basis or proof which in turn could ruin someone’s reputation, integrity, or career.

While Goodell claims to be doing this for the integrity and safety of the game of football, his evidence is beginning to have more holes than a slice of Swiss cheese.

While he may think or have people around him telling him he’s doing the right thing, the way he is proceeding is wrong.  Eventually the only integrity that will be in question is his.

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