ESPN's Colin Cowherd's remarks on New Orleans should be taken with a grain of salt

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Apr 25, 2012; New York, NY, USA; ESPN SportsNation hosts Colin Cowherd (left) and Michelle Beadle during the Madden 13 cover unveiling on the set of SportsNation at Times Square. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-US PRESSWIRE

The other day when ESPN’s Colin Cowherd made some rude remarks concerning the city of New Orleans, he joined a pool populated by the likes of Roger Goodell and Sean Pamphilon.  But residents of New Orleans should just relax.

After all, Cowherd is known for being outspoken and also put Detroit in the same category as New Orleans.  For those that haven’t heard the whole Cowherd rant, this is it in a nutshell.

Cowherd basically said that he didn’t understand why New Orleans is in consideration for so many sports venues and called the city “unsafe”.  He also said that he didn’t understand the big deal about New Orleans food, since you can get great food anywhere.

He also made disparaging remarks concerning the New Orleans airport.  Well, I’ll go ahead and give him that one.  Anyone that has had to travel to and through the airport in New Orleans knows it’s less than stellar, but they’re trying to improve.

Residents of New Orleans and especially New Orleans Saints fans have been blowing up social media and radio stations with furious comments about Cowherd.  Here’s a hint, don’t play into his hands.

Another ESPN “analyst”, Skip Bayless, uses the same tactics to garner attention and get people trending his name.  So don’t play their game, just take it with a grain of salt.

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