New Orleans Saints linebacker Vilma could set new standard for NFL rulings

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While it was NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who was very vocal at first, now Vilma has responded in kind in an effort to get people to see what is happening and could continue to happen to others.

It may seem unfair for Goodell to have so much say-so and power, but that is what was agreed to in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement signed last year.

NFL fans are not only seeing what has happened to the Saints, but also what could possibly happen to their teams and players as well.  Feeling helpless to stop the process is what has enraged many Saints fans.

While the “declaration” that Anthony Hargrove gave was leaked, that is likely the only true “evidence”, if you can call it that, we’ll ever get to see.

Vilma has said numerous times that he can’t wait for us to see the “truth” in the investigation.  I’ll assume it’s safe to say that neither can anyone else.  And possibly, a bit of change with it. 




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