New Orleans Saints linebacker Vilma could set new standard for NFL rulings

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While it was NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who was very vocal at first, now Vilma has responded in kind in an effort to get people to see what is happening and could continue to happen to others.

It may seem unfair for Goodell to have so much say-so and power, but that is what was agreed to in the new Collective Bargaining Agreement signed last year.

NFL fans are not only seeing what has happened to the Saints, but also what could possibly happen to their teams and players as well.  Feeling helpless to stop the process is what has enraged many Saints fans.

While the “declaration” that Anthony Hargrove gave was leaked, that is likely the only true “evidence”, if you can call it that, we’ll ever get to see.

Vilma has said numerous times that he can’t wait for us to see the “truth” in the investigation.  I’ll assume it’s safe to say that neither can anyone else.  And possibly, a bit of change with it. 




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  • larryjames836

    I’m glad that other teams fans have seen the real NFL and what its all about even the public cannot mess with the gangster NFL to much outside help to much money being pour in to the NFL. All 32 teams must stand together against the NFL because if not every team are going to suffer sooner or later like I said it not about a bounty hunter its about the Super Bowl. With the Saints hosting the game the NFL Don’t want them to host it and win it to but he can’t stop that Super Bowl win this is where the Saints will get Roger Goodell when he must come on that stage and hand the Saints that championship trophy to Tom Benson or Sean Payton if the Saints fans don’t put a rope around his neck. This means Roger Goodell are going to do what he want to do not the Saints only but every team in the NFL all you 31 teams fans get ready your team might be next. Roger Goodell you will represent the Saints in the 2013 Super Bowl you know who the best team in the NFL that is why you trying to pull the Saints down but we are stronger than last year you going to serve us that trophy in 2013 mark this on your calendar.

  • larryjames836

    All you Saints haters I must give it to Vilma he stood up to Roger Goodell, Vilma knew he had Goodell where he wanted. But somewhere the NFL and owners, and players made some kind of agreement wish gave Roger Goodell a lot of power and day so this was a bad move. No team are safe with the power and say so he has Roger Goodell is about as bad as the attorney general do whatever he wants to anyone. All you haters talking about the Saints going to have your year with Goodell punishment on your team.

  • JoePetitjean

    The owners might want a change after what Goodell has put this league through. 

  • LI Saint

    We’ll all see what’s going to happen but Goodell seems to operating under his own set of rules and really really believes that he is beyond reproach. If Vilma takes this outside the realm of the NFL league offices then something might change (or if it goes to arbitration). Goodell is doing everything he can to block all kinds of appeals. I think that I read somewhere that the 50,000 pages has shrunk down to 18,000. What is really going on with Goddie and his Mob?