Former L.S.U. and Colts running back Joseph Addai to sign with Patriots

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Clark will now be the only one left without a team once Addai signs with the Patriots.  Addai will now have a chance to join a talented backfield as well as a former L.S.U. star, Steven Ridley.

Addai, like Manning, will have his chance to show the Colts if they made a mistake in releasing him.  The Patriots will host the Colts in a home game on November 18 this season.

In an odd twist of fate, the Patriots might be rectifying a mistake they made in the 2006 NFL Draft.  The Patriots were interested in Addai, but passed him over and selected running back Laurence Maroney instead.

For his career in the NFL so far, Addai has 4,453 rushing yards and 39 touchdowns.  He was also a 2007 Pro Bowl selection in his first rookie year.

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