Jonathan Vilma suspension could actually benefit the New Orleans Saints and himself

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Vilma’s suspension could also benefit himself in the sense as far as him gameplay.  Anyone can see that the once stout linebacker has lost a step in the past few seasons, especially last season.

After nagging knee injuries the past several seasons, Vilma missed five games and had his worst season this past year with only 54 tackles with one for a loss and zero sacks.

Former Saints linebacker Jo-Lonn Dunbar filled in for Vilma and actually showed that the team was okay during his absence.  The once speedy linebacker had seemed to slip down a gear.

Which to be truthful, it’s because Vilma is a competitor that it ends up being his curse.  There is no way someone like himself will sit on the sideline for an extended period of time.  He wants to be back on the field battling alongside his teammates.

The time away may help Vilma fully heal his injuries and also no doubt restore a fire and hunger that Saints fans were used to see during games.  No question he has that now, but it will only serve to stoke the furnace even more.

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