Good news for New Orleans Saints sparse; Rita Benson LeBlanc reportedly on "leave"

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Duncan cited a source saying that she has become more “all over the map”.  The source also said that she:

…enjoys the glitz and glamour of being an owner, but she doesn’t really roll up her sleeves and get into the business side of it.

The report also states that LeBlanc has been absent from meetings for two major events for the city of New Orleans, which are the New Orleans Super Bowl Host Committee and Tom Benson purchasing the New Orleans Hornets from the NBA.

Not attending the functions for either of these monumental events is either by choice or part of the leave she is on that supposedly Benson himself instigated.

Benson, who is 85, can’t carry the franchise forever and will need someone level-headed and most importantly committed to the Saints.

Let’s not forget it was Benson who, despite outside pressure and a boatload of money, decided to keep the wounded franchise in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and by the same token do the same for the New Orleans Hornets.

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  • JoePetitjean

    There no fire here, She just needed a break.

  • Gene Higginbotham

    @JoePetitjean. Don’t know if it’s a fire because it’s already there. As far as needing a break, now is probably not the best time for one. Larry Holder of New Orleans WIST Radio 690 AM said people are clueless if they don’t think this is important. I won’t say that but I will say this is a concern if you wouldn’t raise an eyebrow that she has been missing major engagements and events that are club related. Plus the club basically had no comment so this is no “break”. You don’t drop everything and jet set when your club is in the status it is in right now. LeBlanc is set to take over as owner when Benson is no longer owner. Not a very good confidence building move to say the least if you’re a fan.

  • Gene Higginbotham

    @JoePetitjean Also when your own grandfather puts you on an “unofficial” administrative leave, it’s not a vacation request.

  • larryjames836

    The New Orleans Saints need someone that knows how to take care of the business your job comes first if its not that important just doing a disappearing act is not good. Mickey Loomis I’m sure need some help on making some decision somewhere down the line without the co-owner know where to be found is not business. Something is trying to push the Saints out the NFL completely I wish Sean Payton was still in the picture this would be a good spot for him he knows what to do this looks like a bad year for the New Orleans Saints with all the bad luck being said hoping they get out. So much been going on in the last 3 months done troubled so many minds that maybe she couldn’t handle anymore of the mess. This kind of job is not for a young lady to much stress for one young mind yes Mr.Tom Benson are up in age and owning two franchises sport teams need help on running them, but we going to make it know matter what.