Sean Pamphilon's motives becoming clearer; "journalism chess"

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Barbara Walters was famous for it in her interviews.  You lead or guide the subject of your story or interview to the place you want them in a subtle manner, much like making calculated chess moves.

Walters was well known for her interviews where it showed her subjects walking in gardens, laughing, and being light-hearted.  Then she would bring the interview slowly to a somber mood and have her subject squalling like a baby in the end.

It’s why people watched her interviews, because she was a master of emotional manipulation.  Now if you want to draw a parable between this and Pamphilon’s “relationship” with Steve Gleason, then so be it.  Did he use him to get what he wants?  You decide.

Pamphilon has played the game, moving his “pawns” in a very strategic manner.  He held onto the tapes and waited for the right moment.  If he was wanting to do the right thing, then we would have heard about it back in January.

Mike Silver is keeping the fire burning for Pamphilon to bolster them both.  Every time, we start to forget about Pamphilon, Silver makes a tweet about him and renews the interest.

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  • markisright

    Nailed it!

  • Gene Higginbotham

    Thanks Mark!

  • LI Saint

    We all knew from the beginning that he was suspect. The timing of it all was suspicious at best. I am glad that you followed up on him Gene. Of course, this will get no national play since you are so “biased” and “slanted” toward the Saints (wink wink). Whenever Silver and LaConfora take a deep breath the waters part and the gospel is spoken. If the pompous Goodell grants this request, we will really know what’s up. Don’t let this go, Gene. Be a pitbull on this one. It may start locally but it will grow nationally. Thanks for digging this up. Get the “Times-Picayune” and to give you some play. You deserve the exposure. 

  • Gene Higginbotham

    @LI Saint: Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately, because many may simply see me as a “blogger” and not a true journalist or writer, then a lot of times these articles don’t see the light of day.

    It is up to you and readers like yourself to spread the word. I’ve stated before that I don’t have a problem with Pamphilon doing the right thing, just the steps that he took.

    I try to tweet my articles to major radio stations and media people but seldom get a response. Like I said its up to people like yourself to spread the information and get a dialogue started.

    As far as the TP and NOLA is concerned, I’ve tweeted my article to them before but no response. Jeff Duncan actually has met Pamphilon before and said he is actually a good guy and is on a friendly basis with him so that may be the reason, but I’m not sure. Thank you so much for the encouragement and support for myself and WDD.

    While I do write about the Saints, I try to look at everything from all angles, good and bad. Hope my articles do the same for you and our readers. Thanks again!