Drew Brees echos thoughts of New Orleans Saints fans; vague on contract

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A reporter tried to corner Brees when he asked him why he tweeted needed an explanation as to the charges and eventual suspension of his head coach Sean Payton for his role in the incentive program.

You could almost hear fans roar in unison when the reporter asked him if had gotten one and Brees answered that he hadn’t.  Who Dats are still waiting patiently for documents or evidence from the NFL that most likely will stay unseen.

Brees flashed a grin to the press when asked a question everyone wants to know, his contract with the Saints.  He spoke as if reading from a cue card that they are continuing to work on a long term contract between himself and the Saints.

When asked about if he would appear at next Mondays voluntary workouts, it didn’t take much to see what analysts have been saying.  Most likely, if a contract isn’t done between now and Sunday night, #9 won’t be there.


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