Detroit Lions Mikel Leshoure likely to face suspension on drug charges

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Leshoure was supposed to be arraigned in court yesterday for the charge.  However, he failed to show up and could possibly face some jail time for it or at least a heavy fine.

The arraignment has been rescheduled for Wednesday and the prosecutor for Berrian County had this to say about the situation:

He was supposed to be here and he didn’t show up.  I’m a Lions fan, but he’s going to be treated like anybody else.

That won’t be the only worry for Leshoure though.  Goodell is probably already aware of the situation and will meet with him at a later time since right now he’s dealing with the appeals from the “Bounty Scandal” with the New Orleans Saints.

It’s safe to say that Leshoure will face a suspension for at least a few games if not more since he’s been charged twice for the same drug offense.  We’ve seen recently Goodell doesn’t like players who he feels thumb their nose at the rules.

The worst case scenario of course for Leshoure is that the Lions feel that they can’t depend on him and are fearful he could slip up again and release their 2011 second round pick.



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