Bill Parcells to the New Orleans Saints not a lock just yet

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The Saints need a coach, and Parcells is the man for the job according to Payton, having modeled “his” team after Parcells own structure that he installed with the Cowboys.

Essentially Payton wants to hand Parcells the keys to a fully-loaded playoff capable team — run with it Big Tuna — all the way to the playoffs this year.

At least that’s what fans are hoping to see.

Parcells has been contacted by Payton, and tentative talks have begun about the possibility of him coming out of retirement to coach the Saints.

He, Payton, and Loomis played a round of gold this morning in Jupiter, Florida. Apparently Loomis wants to get  a feel for Parcells, and equally Parcells for Loomis.

At the end of the day Payton can’t hire Parcells, no, that must be done by Loomis with the blessing of owner Tom Benson. Surely though Payton is pushing for his guy to become the new “mad visor” in the “Big Easy”.

As crazy as it may seem for outsiders looking in, Parcells to the Saints is beginning to come into focus. More because Parcells respects Payton so much, not him actually genuinely wanting to make a return to the NFL.

I know people are thinking, ‘There’s a deal already done, Parcells said in a phone interview today. But really, he’s my friend. That’s the first thing this is about. I feel an obligation, a responsibility to help him. The thing with this one it’s a little more personal to me, because this is one of my guys (Payton). If this guy (Payton) says to me, Bill, I need you to do this, that’s what friends are supposed to be for.

Judging by Parcells comments he sounds serious about filling in for Payton, and it wouldn’t even take any more that Payton asking his long time mentor and friends if he will do it.

But there are still several factors Parcells needs to consider — pending suspensions of players, logistics, and monetary considerations — that keep his joining the team far from anything but a done deal.

There’s things still going on that are unanswered, and a lot of ancillary things that need to be addressed. That’s for down the road, I swear to it — Parcells on issue regarding joining the Saints

All these thing seem to be nothing more than hurdles to clear along the path to the Saints. Of course Payton is going to ask Parcells to coach the team, and of course Parcells is going to say yes to be there for his friend.

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