Has The NFL Already Broken The New CBA Agreement?

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The reason the NFL filed the multiple lawsuits? It’s claimed that the NFL believes that the California courts are too “player friendly”, and as such the NFL wants all the lawsuits moved out of California. If in fact it was shown to be true that the legal tactic by the NFL attempted to break the Collective Bargaining Agreement, then they would constitute multiple infractions.

How exactly does the CBA come into play here? Partly because of this:

“California’s liberally construed workers’ compensation laws have been bolstered by the NFL’s current collective bargaining agreement with the players association.”

The largest and biggest problem for the NFL potentially is this extremely relevant item:

“That agreement which ended last year’s lockout included a provision that allows players to file workers’ compensation claims in states where their teams aren’t based, according to the website Business Insurance.”

That statement is a “Blockbuster”; if true, the NFL has no legal grounds to pursue. The NFL appears to be using ther tactic of demanding that the players abide by an NFL arbitration ruling that demanded they move their cases out of California. While that may sound convincing, it may not be enforecable.

The NFL may end up here on as shaky legal ground as they are in punishing the Cowboys, Redskins, Raiders and Saints for improper contracts that they themselves, the NFL approved as being valid. The Cowboys and Washington lost the most in salary cap money, will one of the two be bold enough to take the NFL to court, or will they go to arbitration, turn the other cheek, and get both sides of their face slapped?

Time will tell.

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