Which New Orleans Saints defensive players will excel under Spagnuolo?

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4-3 defensive scheme: Four down linemen, three linebackers, four defensive backs (Source library.thinkquest.com)

The only thing that has brought more excitement about Steve Spagnuolo becoming the New Orleans Saints new defensive coordinator, is the thought of what evolution his defensive scheme will bring to some key players.

Much like starting a new chapter in a gripping novel, so is the outlook for the Saints defense unit under Steve Spagnuolo.  Fans are already in anticipation of not only the NFL Draft or free agency, but training camp as well.

The anticipation that is starting to build because of the somewhat fresh take Spaguolo will have on the defense.  Although Spagnuolo uses a 4-3 scheme like the Saints used the past three seasons, his approach will be different.

When the defensive coordinator search started for the Saints, Spagnuolo and Mike Nolan were considered top candidates.  Nolan uses a 3-4 scheme for his defense, a change some thought the Saints needed.

Nolan, however, didn’t last long on the open market and was quickly snatched up by the Atlanta Falcons as their new defensive coordinator.  Pressure to land Spagnuolo began to mount and in the end, he chose the Saints over five teams looking to hire him.

Not just fans but players expressed their happiness about the beginning of the Spagnuolo era.  With his “new” approach to the defense, there are certain players that should rightly feel that way as the new season approches.

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