Critics say New Orleans Saints Coach Payton made unclassy move

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New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton (Source

When something bad happened to a charitable person, my father would bust out with one of his standby lines, “Son, no good deed goes unpunished”.  Very true for what should be a time of celebration for New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees.

Yes, it was a magical night in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome last night.  The Saints performed in excellent fashion on both sides of the ball and defeated a quality opponent in the Atlanta Falcons 45-16, in what many thought would come down to the wire.

Brees broke Dan Marino’s single season passing record in a 9 yard touchdown pass late in the fourth quarter to RB/KR Darren Sproles and the Dome exploded.  In unison, my wife and I joined the entire crowd in chanting, “MVP”. 

We were high fiving and hugging people around us.  Like Bill Murray said in the movie “Ghostbusters”:  “Cats and dogs living together..mass hysteria!”  A magical moment for sure.  Yet somebody always has to pee in the pool and this was no different.

Head Coach Sean Payton has drawn the ire of sports writers and some Falcons players who think that he was running up the score simply for the sake of snagging the record for Brees.

Sports writer Pete Prisco wrote on that Brees breaking Marino’s record was “tainted by decision to go for it late”.  He called the decision “questionable” and that the “Saints have another game to break the record”.

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