New Orleans Saints CB Patrick Robinson turning the corner

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New Orleans Saints CB Patrick Robinson after an interception against the Carolina Panthers on 10/09/11 (Courtesy

After a shakey start in the NFL, New Orleans Saints cornerback Patrick Robinson has begun to make the most of his playing time.

I’ll admit, I was a critical of Robinson at the beginning of the season in an article I did(click here).  I received several comments from WDD readers since I had made comparisons to former Saints CB Jason David.  One reader on Saints Report said they threw up in their mouth when they read this.  I for sure don’t want to offend my SR readers.

I still stand by what I wrote early this season though.  I’ll admit, the Jason David thing was a bit harsh but it’s simply because David was so touted when he came to the Saints and never panned out.  Bad memories fueled me being gun shy as I saw a player taken in the first round and was struggling unlike other first round cornerbacks.

Granted, he was almost a second round pick(Robinson was taken at #32 in 2010) and the learning curve is pretty steep in the NFL.  Words of praise from the Saints on his second year of training camp piled my expectations high as I watched him actually intercept QB Drew Brees during a scrimmage.

However, I wasn’t the only one who noticed his struggles early on.  Robinson seemed unsure at times trying to play mistake free.  I saw him playing almost 7-10 yards off of top receivers and them sometimes slipping easily behind him.  My patience was at a turning point until the fourth week against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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