ESPN NFL analyst Mike Ditka critical of player celebrations; WR Lance Moore

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New Orleans Saints WR Lance Moore "Moving Like Bernie" after a touchdown reception (Courtesy of

It’s a part of the game that has been going on since I can remember, which is the touchdown celebration.  ESPN NFL analyst Mike Ditka expressed his thoughts on them when he appeared on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning today and included a beloved New Orleans Saints player in the conversation.

The Stanky Leg, The Spike, The Goal Post Dunk, these are just a few that have endured in the years during the NFL.  Some are like fashion, they go away and then come back.  If it was up to Mike Ditka, they would go away for good.

Ditka appeared via phone on Mike and Mike during a segment where he was asked his opinion on several topics.  One topic was the celebration by a player after a touchdown or a big play.

The conversation started with the 15 yard penalty called on New York Jets WR Santonio Holmes for celebrating after a touchdown during yesterday’s game.  Then Ditka peaked my attention when he mentioned one of Who Dat Nation’s favorite players, WR Lance Moore.

Ditka said the following during the interview:

It’s very embarrassing to watch some of these kids, I mean not only him(Holmes), but alot of these kids when they make a good play or they make a touchdown.  And I think it’s an embarrassment, it’s a disgrace to the game, some of the antics they go through.  I mean,(inaudible) I don’t care if it’s you know  Lance Moore or whoever.


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