New Orleans Saints DC Gregg Williams defends Roman Harper

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Harper was flagged during the game against the Titans for grabbing the facemask of Titans WR Damien Williams as he was headed to the endzone.  A small skirmish developed after the play when Nate Williams ran up to Harper to take up for his fellow player.

Harper and several of his teammates have been asked during the week about how they feel about what was said and all gave pretty kosher answers.  However, when Williams was asked what he thought, he didn’t disappoint any active recording device with the media.  He responded with:

If that guy(Williams) don’t want his head tore off, then duck.  Because that’s how we’re playing.

The response from Williams evoked laughter and chuckles from the media surrounding him when he said it.  He elaborated that it takes a mental and physical toughness when playing in the NFL, both being important.  The last thing Williams said about Harper was something he has constantly repeated.

I love Roman Harper and the way he plays, and evidently a lot of other people and players in the league do too because they keep voting him to the Pro Bowl.

According to several sources, Harper has been fined $7,500 for the unnecessary roughness penalty and also fined $15,000 for a roughing the passer penalty during the game.  No suspension is expected.

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