New Orleans Saints DC Gregg Williams defends Roman Harper

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Gregg Williams

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams (Source:

New Orleans Saints Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams usually isn’t one to talk to the media.  However when asked about the “dirty player” tag placed on Roman Harper, he was to the point.

Yes, Williams tends to avoid talking to the media unless cornered or obligated to do so.  The main reason is because he is just direct, frank and very Bill Parcells about his comments.  When he does speak, all microphones and recorders are on.

Head Coach Sean Payton joked that after Williams made the infamous “remember me shots” presser directed at QB Peyton Manning during Super Bowl XLIV media day, he told a waiter to give Williams peanut butter, crackers, and sand for lunch.

Yet, this is one thing that people love about Williams is his almost Forrest Gump-like quotes he gives.  Another positive about Williams is his ready defense of his players when someone tries to speak of them in a negative fashion.

For example, when Saints strong safety Roman Harper was torched in the Wild Card playoffs last year on several plays, some fans were voicing that he shouldn’t return and the Saints should let him go in free agency.  The footage of Harper being burned was shown over and over.

Harper was re-signed after the NFL lockout was over and Williams scolded the media for portraying the defensive back in that negative light.  Williams once again jumped to the aid of Harper after he was given the label of being a “dirty player” by Tennessee Titans WR Nate Williams.

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