New Orleans Saints are trying to improve pass defense mistakes

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The New Orleans Saints secondary has been coming under a bit of fire this season for their gameplay especially after last Sunday’s game against the Tennessee Titans.

Let me first say that I don’t want to shoulder the blame just on the secondary.  In my opinion, and quite a few others, the defensive line is having trouble with the pass rush even with the new and improved additions at that position.

I’ve lost count of how many things I’ve read on our linebacking corps and in the 2012 NFL Draft that it should be our top priority.  Granted, injuries have plagued players like LB Jonathan Vilma but it seems like even he’s not himself.

It looks like the secondary is struggling a bit when it comes to defending the deep pass and some have wondered if it’s the scheme assigned by Defensive Coordinator Gregg Williams or the players themselves.  Probably some of both.

Teams seem to have figured out Williams and his blitzing schemes starting last season.  The Saints also seem to go to a prevent defense later in the game which dosen’t seem to work either.  As my friend Bryan said on Monday, “Know what a prevent defense does?  It prevents you from winning!” 

Williams recently said that many of the big plays the secondary has been giving up is simply mental mistakes.  One main one he pointed out was lack of recognition on a player’s part and their assignment.

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