The New Orleans Saints, Tennessee Titans, and playing against the refs?

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Saints TE Jimmy Graham (Source:

Later in the game a touchdown pass to tight end Jimmy Graham was negated after he was called out of bounds.

On the play Brees threw to him in the corner of the end zone, he came down with the pass, touched one foot and the other foot down and inbounds.

Of course Sean Payton challenged the ruling on the field that he was out of bounds as the replay clearly seemed to indicate the Graham had actually skirted the sideline with his foot and made the play.

Here though is where it get’s interesting.

The ruling on the field of out of bounds was upheld because, according to these excellent refs, one cleat on the bottom of Graham’s foot made “whisper” contact with one single blade of white painted grass on the sideline.

Seems like they where just splitting hairs there and trying to save a little face.

At present he Saints are on a five game winning streak and are healthy at every position.

A healthy Saints team will spell trouble for the rest of the NFC squads that are scrambling for their playoff  lives — especially the Atlanta Falcons who still must face the Saints at home in week 16.

At 10-3 and two of the next three games at home, where the Saints are 6-0 this year, most fans think this could be the next step in forgetting the disaster that happened last year in the wild card game against the Seattle Seahawks.

If you recall the Saints took a trip down to Qwest Field last January where it was presumed they would roll right through Seattle. Four quarters later New Orleans defense had collapsed, and Matt Hasselbeck and the Hawks where headed into the second round of the playoffs.

But that’s all in the past, and this is a different team this year than last, with a much better and healthier group of runningbacks. Now as long as the referee’s are kept in check the next few weeks it should be smooth sailing for the Saints from here on out.

San Francisco, Green Bay, here come the Saints….and uh the refs.

Does something need to be done about the inconsistent officiating in the NFL?

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