Former New Orleans Saints safety Darren Sharper seeking another career

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Safety Darren Sharper returns an interception 97 yards for a touchdown against the Eagles (Source:

If former New Orleans Saints free safety Darren Sharper were to come back to the organization, fans probably wouldn’t complain.  Yet Sharper’s career may be taking a different turn since his absence from the NFL has begun to stretch out.

Darren Sharper was expected to make a return to the Saints once the NFL Lockout was over and regain his old form that Who Dat Nation was used to.  Visions of interceptions and the “Sharper Shake” faded however when the Saints failed to re-sign the 36 year old Pro Bowl veteran.

Sharper tried out for several teams including the Denver Broncos and New England Patriots, but never received any true interest.  He recently told reporter Steve Wyche that although he’s not retiring, he may be making the move towards sports broadcasting.

Sharper has appeared before on interviews and even did several broadcast’s on NFL Network’s “NFL Total Access”.  He has slowly become more comfortable each time and seems to have a genuine interest in this area of sports news and broadcasting.

While Sharper hasn’t received calls from ESPN or any networks wanting his talents, he has recently teamed up with reporter Jon Carrere on YouTube to host a video blog called “Sharper’s Image.”

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