New Orleans Saints dominate 62-7 win over Indianapolis Colts long overdue

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For Saints fans this type of dominate performance was long overdue. Since the teams Superbowl winning season in 2009 it just seems as if nothing has come easy, both throughout their 2010 campaign and thus far in 2011.

In week one the Saints fought back to nearly comeback and beat the Green Bay Packers, but feel short when failing to score a potential winning  touchdown during the games final play.

A similar scenario unfolded in week three when they battled back to beat the Houston Texans after scoring 23 fourth quarter points, a new franchise record, but it was a hard fought victory all the way around.

The very next week the Saints nearly fell to their division rival Carolina Panthers, narrowly squeaking by with a 30-27 win after yet another come from behind win.

Against the Buccaneers the Saints once again found themselves in a hole early. Brees suddenly got hot in the second half and the team nearly once again came back in the fourth quarter to win, but he threw an interception in the end zone that halted the potential score.

 So finally to get a win where everything goes right and nothing goes wrong is a welcome sight for the fans, but surely as well for the coaching staff and the players. Winning is winning, although it’s sure is nice not to struggle every once in a while.

New Orleans needed a game like this — to boost their confidence — and provide assurance that they indeed have one of the leagues best offenses to go along with a pretty good defense.

Those critical of the Saints will say that their margin of victory came against a win less and dejected Indianapolis Colts teams that lost their unquestioned leader in Peyton Manning before the start of the season.

I beg to differ however as the Colts have been competitive in every game this season, losing on average by only an eight point margin.

They almost beat the Steelers, Buccaneers, Chiefs, and the Bengals — and could have come into the dome 4-2.

Certainly the offense would have been better had it been Peyton Manning making the throws and not Curtis Painter, and the game lieky a little closer, but the last time I checked Manning didn’t play defense and couldn’t have prevented the Saints whopping score.

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