Miami Dolphins RB Reggie Bush: Different Team, Same Results?

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A friend of mine was having a rough time a few years ago, and was carrying a few burdens.  In my attempt to lift his spirits, he referenced the poem, “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner.”  It would be an appropriate reference for Miami Dolphins running back Reggie Bush as well.

In trying to comfort my buddy’s misfortunes, he replied with, “Well, we all have an albatross around our necks once in a while.”  I didn’t know what his bad times and an overgrown seagull had to do with each other until I read the poem.

In short, the poem tells of a mariner who kills an albatross that was bringing the ship good fortune.  As punishment, he’s forced to wear the dead animal around his neck  and bears witness to a curse that is the downfall of the ship and it’s crew.

The mariner can do nothing but watch as things crumble around him and is helpless to change anything.  An ultimate tale of good intentions and bad luck.  Now enter in Reggie Bush and the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints drafted Bush with the good intentions of having him become a feature back in their system.  Bush had the skills and the talent to do just that.  What proved to be his undoing was Bush himself.

Reggie ended up being a victim of his own hype.  When he was drafted, people chanted his name and cheered at NFL Draft parties everywhere.  Visions of the speedster in the Saints backfield had Who Dat Nation licking their chops.

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