Panthers TE Jeremy Shockey To Play "Bitter" Against New Orleans Saints

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Carolina Panthers TE Jeremy Shockey (Source

Carolina Panthers tight end Jeremy Shockey looks like he’ll be playing in Sunday’s game against the New Orleans Saints and could have an old grudge to bear against his old team.

Shockey returned to practice yesterday for the Panthers after his concussion last week and is getting ready for Sunday’s game against his former teammates.

Though Shockey appears to be fine and wants to play, he still will need to be cleared by a doctor in order to do so.  In a press conference, Panthers Head Coach Ron Rivera said it look “promising.”

Shockey of course is probably wanting to deal some punishment towards his old team which is why he is gearing up so hard.  The Saints released Shockey at the end of last season when TE Jimmy Graham showed great promise and Shockey couldn’t seem to stay healthy.

Shockey stated in an Associated Press interview that he has never been cut or released by a team and that the incident left him with a “bitter taste in my mouth.”

Shockey further stated that he felt like he was “being pushed off to the side” and was “being told, “see you, good luck”.  He did say that he has “a lot of respect for everyone in that (Saints) organization.”

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