New Orleans Saints RB Pierre Thomas: A True Saint

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Saints running back Pierre Thomas carries the ball against the Texans (source:


It seems that New Orleans Saints running back Pierre Thomas has been through it all at his time in the backfield.

From high times, like winning SuperBowl XLIV, to lows like missing 10 games the following season with an ankle injury, Thomas has always done what is best for the team.

Maybe the fact that Pierre went undrafted in 2007 has something to do with, maybe it’s just the way he was brought up, regardless of where he obtained his humble approach to the game one fact holds true – Pierre Thomas is a team player.

Saints fans will all agree that Thomas is key to the success of the team. His ability to make plays either rushing or receiving is something that gives the offense an edge over their opponents.

On a team once known for their inability to execute a simple screen pass, Thomas has turned it into a thing of beauty and a staple of the offense.

Although Pierre has seen his fair share of success, it hasn’t been an easy road for the Chicago, Illinois native. Competition, injuries and adversity have attempted to stand in his way – but Thomas continues to fight his way through them all, striving to be the best he can.

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