New Orleans Saints ran on all twelve cylinders against Chicago Bears

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For the first time this season, the Saints had the entire team show up working like a well-oiled machine. The Saints fans filled the 12th position on the field, and this time there was no sputtering at the end of the race.

On Sunday at the Superdome we saw a more balanced team effort than the Saints could muster in Wisconsin against the Packers, and the 30-13 final score was the reward for the preparation that the Saints team and coaches had put into the game.

The Saints may not have opened the game with a blistering offensive attack like the Packers did in week one, but at least the Saints defense didn’t allow the Bears to do it either.

In the 1st quarter the Bears then the Saints went 3 & out, then the Bears put a 13 play drive together, ending in a Jay Cutler TD pass to Sanzenbacher.

With the extra point it was Bears 7-0. The Saints responded with their own 13 play drive for a field goal. Score at the end of the 1st: Bears 7, Saints 3.

In the second quarter the game started to turn around, as the Bears went 3 & out, then Drew Brees found Henderson deep up the middle for a 79 yard TD.

With Kasay’s extra point the Saints moved in to the lead 10-7. The Saints defense sat the Bears back down again in 4 plays, and with the help of a Fair Catch Interference call on the punt return, the Saints turned 10 plays into another Kasay field goal for a 13-7 lead.

Again the Saints D sat the Bears down after 4 plays, and Drew went back to work. 5 plays later a penalty on a fake punt forced the Saints to settle for 3 more with the help once more from Saints Kicker Kasay.

The Bears managed to put together an 11 play drive ending in a field goal as they tried to regain some momentum. The half closed out with the score Saints 16, the Bears 10.

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