New Orleans Saints: Offensive line issues cause for concern?

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Former Saints RG Jon Stinchcomb (

Good offensive play in the NFL starts and ends with how well the offensive line performs. The center snaps the ball starting the play, and from there one of two things is going to happen.

In the simplest of terms if it’s a pass play the line must form a pocket and stop any potential pass rush from getting to the quarterback, which in turn gives him enough time to setup, scan the field, and complete a pass to an open target.

Conversely if it’s run play the line must push defenders out of the way to create running lanes for the back to rush through. No blocking, no lanes, and no lanes typically means the running back will be caught up in the backfield for little to no gain.

The Saints have always had one of the better offensive lines in the NFL, pass protection has never been an issue under Sean Payton, and for that matter neither has run blocking.

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