New Orleans Saints: Reggie Bush, Darren Sproles, And Randall Gay

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Free Agent RB Darren Sproles (Source:

So it’s finally happened, the Saints are done with the Reggie Bush era as he was sent packing to the Miami Dolphins early this morning. Fans called for his head for a long, long time. Now that he is no longer a Saint, are you truly happy?

Bush did allot for the Saints offense — receiving, rushing, decoy, punt return — and one could make the argument that he is perhaps the leagues most versatile running back.

New Orleans wasn’t prepared to over pay for that versatility this year, taking the option of trading him to avoid an astronomical 16 million dollar cap hit.

Miami was willing to give Bush what he wanted, a ten million dollar contract for two-years, the Saints would not even attempt to match that offer but probably offered around 6 million for his services.

What the Saints did get in the trade was still yet undisclosed draft compensation and Dolphins safety Jonathon Amaya, considered to be the teams best special teams contributor after leading them in tackles last season with fifteen.

Bush will also get the chance to become more of the featured back that he so badly desires. What the Saints know that obviously the Dolphins don’t is that Bush will never be a feature back, so good luck getting decent production.

If there is one thing Saints fans know is that for as good of an athlete as Bush is he never quite put it altogether on the field.

He certainly didn’t do well rushing the football, and yes he was a good receiver out of the backfield, but last time I checked he was a running back not a receiver, and running backs need to run the ball well too.

No reason to cry over spilled milk, the deed is done and Bush is gone, the Saints however will do just fine without him on the roster.

The trading of Bush by the Saints is also a huge vote of confidence that the team thinks highly of first-round draft pick Mark Ingram. Hopefully he is the second coming of Deuce McAllister, because if not then Bush being traded may not come off so well in the future.

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