New Orleans Saints: Buckle Up For A Roller Coaster Free Agency Ride

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I hope that Saints General Manager Micky Loomis and his team have completed their evaluations on players that they plan on resigning, there were 10 players who were offered free agent contract tenders prior to the lockout.

It is going to be a mad house in New orleans on Tuesday, and probably until the free agent period ends, right now they have only given a tenitive date.

I have attached a list below of players who should be the top priority for the Saints, i’m sure that once the Saints office opens for business on Tuesday, they will know what kind of time frame and make adjustments to get their players signed.

OG Carl Nicks

TE David Thomas

S Usama Young – third round restricted free agent tender

S Roman Harper

DT Remi Ayodele

WR Lance Moore – second round restricted free agent tender.

DE Jeff Charleston

OT Jermon Bushrod – second round restricted free agent tender.

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