NFL Fans Frustrated; NFLPA At Work Over Weekend

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Talks are still ongoing this weekend on the players end but that doesn’t seem encouraging for too many fans as frustration builds.

Fans were excited for what they tought would be an end to the NFL lockout this weekend. 

Facilities were to be open and free agency was to start in ernest for the clubs.  Especially in Who Dat Nation, Saints fans were licking their chops at what magic General Manager Mickey Loomis would produce.

However like an episode of Lost, or in this case the Soprano’s finale, fans were met with more questions than answers after the owners 31-0 vote to ratify a new agreement. 

Mobile sites, especially Twitter, became a sounding board for fans.

While some were understanding, others lashed out at players across the league. 

Statements like “just get it done” and “be lucky you get paid millions to just play football” littered the social media networks.

Most players responded in kind by trying to explain what was happening on their end.  In a nutshell, the deal the owners voted on hadn’t been viewed by the players. 

For frustrated fans, take a breath and just keep reading.

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