Will Deuce McAllister Be Next To The New Orleans Saints Hall Of Fame?

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Ex-Saint Running Back Deuce McAllister (Source: usatoday.com)

I figured I would foster some good memories with everything that’s going on and give Who Dat Nation something to ponder while we await the start of the 2011 NFL season.

The upcoming Hall Of Fame inductions in Canton, Ohio got me thinking about how proud I was last year to see former Saints LB Rickey Jackson become a part of history.  I love seeing our team get their just due on a positive note.

I also love anticipating who is next in line for the New Orleans Saints Hall Of Fame.  This year the honor went to former Saints defensive back Sammy Knight.  After his announcement I figured I might have a good idea on the next name to be called.

In fact, I thought his name might get called this year but it’s probably still a little too early to have him come forward yet to be in that number.  But, his numbers don’t lie and the honor is well deserved.

WDD readers know that I’m a big defensive guy which is why I loved the Sammy Knight pick.  But I’ll make an exception for this power running back by the name of Deuce McAllister.

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